Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy New Year !

2009 lo ni ta reng mai. Min hmangaih leh min enkawl tlattu Pathian hi a ropui tawp.

Blog update lohna rei tawh lutuka, zahthlak duh angreng hle. 2008 leh Feb 2009 inkara ka nuna thleng chu ziah sen pawh ni tawh lo. Buai reng reng , insawn kual , kan ram leh Cina inkara kual , Mizoram chhunga kual, hmun hrang hranga - rilru pawha awm ngai loa - thusawi, Mizoram pawna kual , tihngai loh chi hrang hrang tih ,etc etc in a khat a ni. Chung zawng zawngah chuan hausakna chhiar sen loh chatuan daih tur min chhar tir si . Pathian min hmangaihna nasatzia hi mihring tawng hian a sawi zo dawn lo. Kei chauh ni lovin mi zawng zawng A hmangaih si.

Sinot lam chanchinbuah te ka ziak tawh thina, ka la ziak zel dawna. Blog lama ziah chhunzawm hi a tul ka ti thar lehzuala, rei fe tawh hnuah kan ti tha leh dawn a ni. Ka ziah tur neih ve hi chu helam a nih vangin enjoy tu an tam lem lo mai thei , mahse A thawk dawn tih ka hriaa, ka phur hle. Duh ang erawh chuan hun ka nei dawn lova. Visa nghah chhungin Silchar lamah ka insawn leh rih avangin. Mahse hman hun chu ka nei ang chu.

God bless everyone.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Answers Better Than My Best

I pr-yed for strength, and then I lost awhile
All sense of nearness, human and divine ;
The love I leaned on failed and pierced my heart,
The hands I clung to loosed themselves from mine ;
But while I swayed , weak, trembling, and alone,
The everlasting arms upheld my own.

I pr-yed for light ; the sun went down in clouds,
The moon was darkened by a misty doubt,
The stars of heaven were dimmed by earthly fears,
And all my little candle flames burned out ;
But while I sat in shadow,wrapped in night,
The face of Ch-ist made all the darkness bright.

I pr-yed for peace,and dreamed of restful ease,
A slumber free from pain, a hushed repose;
Above my head the skies were black with storm,
And fiercer grew the onslaught of my foes;
But while the battle raged,and wild winds blew,
I heard his voice and perfect peace I knew.
I thank you, L-rd , you were too wise to heed
My feeble pr-yers, and answer as I sought,
Since these rich gifts your bounty has bestowed
Have brought me more than all I asked or thought;
Giver of good, so answer each request
With your own giving, better than my best.

- Annie Johnson Flint

Don't Let The Song Go Out Of Your Life

Don't let the song go out of your life
Although it sometimes will flow
In a minor strain ; it will blend again
With the major tone you know.

Although shadows rise to obscure life's skies,
And hide for a time the sun,
The sooner they'll lift and reveal the rift,
If you let the melody run.

Don't let the song go out of your life ;
Although the voice may have lost its trill ,
Though the quivering note may die in your throat,
Let it sing in your spirit still.

Don't let the song go out of your life ;
Let it ring in your soul here ;
And when you go hence,it will follow you thence,
And live on in another sphere.
- ' Streams in the Desert'

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Is my cup half-full or half-empty?

Pathianin hna a thawk meka. 2005 atanga he rama ka awm tirh atanga ka rilrua awm tawh,zirlaite inkhawmpuina neih thina,thil chi hrang hrang tihpui thin chu tunah hian Pathian timing a thleng meka,tan a ni ta. Chinese ringtu zirlaite tan hian activities hi a vang em em a.Kan rama thalaite angin an tan hian tihtur a awm ve lo a ni.

Mahse khatih hun lai khan tawng engmah ka la thiam lova,an hnam dan leh nunphung,zia engmah hriat ka nei lova.Inkhawmna han neihpui thei ka lo ni lo reng reng a ni.Ka rilruah a daih tawh hnuah,tun Sept '07 semester tharah chuan Pathianin hun a lo ti reng tawh a lo ni a.A hma atangin tun semester chu Pathianin enge a tih leh dawn aw tiin ka thlira,ka nghakhlela.Hei hi a tum a lo ni renga,ka lawm em em.Hemi inkhawm tan tura thil thleng,a story hi a thui hle a,ka ziak seng lo.Min tanpuitu tur saptawng thiam thian ringtu pawh min pe nghal vek bawka,ka lawm ngei mai.Aman tih tan a duha,a tul tur pawh aman a ruat fel chiang em em.Pathianin heng zirlaite nunah hian thawh a duha,a thawh theihna turin hmanrua a mamawha.Chumi tur chuan ka in hlan mai.Enge ka tih duh lam a ni lo,engtinnge ka tih ang tih chuk pawh a ngai lo.A duh chu a hun a tiha a lo thleng zel mai.A hman theih tura lo inrin a ni.

Ringtu inkhawmpui mai ni lovin,ringlo an thiante an rawn hruaia,chungte hnena lo share chu a ni ,a pui ber zawk chu.Saptawng an thiam tak tak lova,saptawngin sawi ila an man tak tak lo.Chuvang chuan an tawng ngei hman a tula,B*ble pawh an tawng hman a tul a ni.Mahse a hmaa hah tak leh har tih ngawih ngawih chung pawha lo tih hram hram man chu a lang tan ta.Ka thiam ang tawkin ka sawia,puih ka ngaih hunah ka thian chuan min puia.An thinlunga che tur ,thawk tur chu amah a ni.A che renga, a che zel dawna ka ti a.Ka thinlung a lawma,ka hlima.A hma atang tawhin he rama awm hi nuam ka ti tan tak tak ta ka ti a, ka enjoy a ni.

Mahse hetianga Lalpaa ka lawm em em lai hian a lehlamah hrehawm ka tih, na ka tih tak a lo thleng leh si.Kum 2 chhung Pathianin min buatsaiha,tun kum chu a che ta tak tak e ka ti a,ka lawm em em.July thla khan Thailandah kan conference a,Pathianin engkim tah pawh chuan a thawka,ka lawmna a nasa em em.Khatih lai pawh khan ka in rin hman miah lohvin nat sawkna a lo thleng tawh.Tunah a thleng leh ta chiah mai.

Hriat tawh awm ka inti a,mahse ka hre thei lo.Ka lo inring hman thin lo.Mihring mai ka ni si.Pathian hnathawh a nasat apiangin lehlamah min ti na tu a lo lang ve nghal zat thin.Ka na leh ngawih ngawih zel mai.Pathian a chet poh leh lehlam pang pawh a che thin si..

Ka rilrua lo thleng chu -

Engahnge ka hrehawmna hi ka chhiar ang.Malsawmna tam lutuk hi chhiar zawk tur ka ni lawm ni? Harsa leh na ka tihlamte hi nge ka en anga,Lalpa zawk?

Oak thing ka ngaihtuah chhuak.Thlipui ruahpuiin a nuai vak vaka,a nghing a ni mai thei.Mahse chung thlipui leh ruahpui kara a din ngheh tlat theih nan chuan zung a kai nghet sauh sauha,a kai thuk sauh sauh thin.Thing ropui,rinawm, mighty oak, tih a lo ni thin.

Chu ang chu a ni nih ka duh chu.Min ti nghingtu, min tichautu hi ka chakna,ka nghehna lo ni zawk rawh se.Pathian hnathawh hi kal zel rawh se.

Hrehawm ka tihna ata lakchhuah ka dil lo,pumpelh ka dil lo.Luhchilha,kaltlanga, dinnghehna,tihthianghlimna,hnehna neia ka chhuah theih nan chhelna ka dil zawk ang ka ti.

Mahse, a va har em.Hrehawmna,na, a reh nghal mai chuang si lo, a awm reng tho si.Vantirhkoh ka ni si lo,mihring mai ka ni si.Mi fel leh tha,mi chak ka ni si lo.

Mahse malsawmna hi ka chhiar lui dawna,a tha lam hi ka en lui tlat dawn,Pathian lam hi ka en lui tlat dawn.A hnathawh mek leh thawh zel tur hi ka en lui tlat dawn.Malsawmna emaw, hrehawmna emaw, amah ngeiin min zirtir tawh emaw te hi ka dinna tur an lo ni hauh lo.AMAH zawk hi ka dinna tur,ka innghahna tur chu a lo ni reng si.

Ka no hi a phai zawng ka teh dawn lo, a khah zawng hi ka teh zawk ang.

I will watch for the rainbow that will appear only after the storm.

So I will deliberately count my blessings,deliberately dwell on him,focus on him, and say " My cup is half-full ".

Thursday, September 6, 2007


Where love is,G*d is - Leo Tolstoy

Some people say,"You cannot help everyone who needs help in the world.
There are just too many of them ".

Some people say,"They have hands and feet.Why don't they work to support
Some people say,"Let social workers help them.Let Salvation Army help them".
Some people say,"Those beggars are impostors.They're not really poor".
Some people say,"I'm a nobody.Who am I to do great things?"
But I say,"Yes,I cannot help everyone.But I can make a difference to this one,
or that one".
The point is not - how many
The point is - I choose to make a difference.
But I say,"Yes,they can work to support themselves.But they don't have the
heart.If only they know the One who tranforms hearts".
The point is - They don't have Him yet.
How my heart aches for them !
But I say,"Who is a social worker?Who is Salvation Army?Who,what am I?
An American,Indian,Chinese,white,coloured,a believer, convict, P*astor,
an M, Baptist,Presbyterian ?"
Such vain man-made disparities.
The point is not these.
The point is - I choose to believe in Him.
The point is - I choose to walk in His footsteps.
But I say," So they're rich,but they beg.
Oh ! What poverty of the heart !
What pauper mentality !"
The point is not - they're impostors.
The point is - Who would tell them of their true identity in Him.
But I say,"Yes,I'm nothing,without Him.
But He says,'You're the apple of my eye'.
I'm His child,loved,died for,renewed,tranformed into a princess,
chosen and commissioned. Oh ! The priviledge !"
How my heart aches for what I see around me !
How my heart yearns to make it a better world,filled with the knowledge
of Him,the Redeemer !
How my heart longs to hold the unloved,the suffering,the dying,with His love !
How my heart desires to reach the unreached !
Yet,how small I am !
Yet,He says,"I will give you every place where you set your foot".
" Take heart ! I have overcome the world !"

The point is not - How small I am.
The point is - The Owner of the universe promises to give me every place
I set my foot on.
The point is - So where are you?
The point is not - He is going to overcome.
The point is - He already has.
So I pray,
"Oh L*rd, here I am,
All that I am.
Make me,mould me,
Use me,fill me.
You are the potter,
I am the clay.
Teach me,
To live all of my life
Through your eyes".
If I can stop one heart from breaking,
I shall not live in vain;
If I can ease one life the aching,
Or cool one pain,
Or help one fainting robin
Unto his nest again
I shall not live in vain.
- Emily Dickinson
It's not the big things that count,
It's the small acts of love
We perform that count.
It's the seemingly insignificant things
In life that makes it worthwhile.
We're not called to do great feats;
We're called to do what we can.
It's the small feats that add up
To make mighty deeds.
Pay heed to every detail of your life;
For it's the smallest details
In music,in art
That make them masterpieces !

Saturday, September 1, 2007


On the Street I saw a small girl
cold and shivering in a thin dress
with little hope of a decent meal.
I became angry and said to G*d :

"Why did you permit this ?
Why don't you do something about it ?"

For a while G*d said nothing.
That night,He replied,quite suddenly :

" I certainly did something about it.
I made you ! ".

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Min tirhna report Hotute hnenah ka pe.
Annin an rel chu L*lpa 'aw' a ni.

Hotute pawh hi ka chungah an va han tha tak e aw !
Tupawh mai hi an va tha em.
Ka fing ema,ka fel em a ni lo,
L*lpa zawk hi ka hmaah a kal char chara,
Chuvang zawk a ni.

Hotute thuawiha awm te hi a van nuam em.
A thuawih,thuzawm hi a va han nuam em aw.
A kawng erawh a har ngei thin a.
A na ngei, a chang chuan.
Mahse min pek thin lunghlu-te hian
Harsatnate hi a hliah zo em thin zawk a ni.
Min va han duat em L*lpa hian.
Hotute pawh hian min va han duat em .

Ngatinge L*lpa,tunge maw ka nih le?

Engkim a fel zel dawn.
L*lpa nghaktute chu engtikah mah an mualpho lovang.
L*lpa nghaktute erawh chuan an chakna chu
An siamtha leh anga,mupuite angin
Thla in an thlawk chho vanga;
Hah lovin an tlan anga,chau lovin
Ke in an kal ang.
A thu hi a thleng dik zel mai dawn.
Aw,ring mai thin ila chu aw.
A thu Bu ah a in ziak vek
Kan tana a tiamte,an va tam em.
Kan ta sa, min pek sa hlir ,lak mai a ni si.
Mahse rethei rilru pu tlatin kan awm si,
L*lpaa duhawm,mawi,a Fa duat kan nih hi hriain,
Nung ila chu aw..
L*lpa chu a rinawm em,
Rinawm tura min duh ang hian rinawm ila chu aw..
A rinawmzia chu sawi rual a ni lo.

Engkim a tifel vek.

Zin chak em emna hmun pakhat ka neia,

Shangrila ah.
' Lost Horizon' James Hilton a lehkhabu 2002 ah ka chhiar
A ngaihnawm em em,min hip hle mai.
Shangrila Monastery,mysterious tak chungchang a ni.

2005 ah Yunnan,Chinaah a awm tih ka hria.
Tun tumah thian 1 ka sawm kal turin,
Mahse a lo duh lo.
Mahse thian dang 2, L*lpan min lo pe zawk reng.
Ka ngaihtuah aia tha A lo ruat reng .
L*lpa I van fel tak em.

Jenis B leh John F.
Mahse pawisa ka nei tawh lo.
Jenis lo inphal em em,dil pawh dil hmain
I duh phawt chuan a ti.
A chungah ka lawm em em,
Duh zah zah ka puk ta nih kha :)
A ni awm lo se, ka zin thei lovang,
Heta haw chhohna pawh ka nei lawng.
Thank You,Thiannu,ka lawm chiang :)
A ni hnen atangin thil tam tak ka zir,
Ka zinpui ka van lawm em.

John F pawh a van fel chiang,
Mi zawng zawng tilawm thiam
Mi zawng zawng ngainat ka unaupa,

Ka Fanai pui ngei :)
A nunah zir tur ka hmu hnem em em.
Ka thiante pahnih hi an va hlu em.
Ka kal chakna hmun 2 ,Lijiang leh Shangrila
L*lpan min kal tir,ka van lawm.
Kalpui tur thian duhawm pahnih nen lam.
An pahnih vangin L*lpa ka lawm e.
Malsawmnain an pahnihin vur ang che.

Lijiang chu a van nuam em

There was something in the air,
Specially at the Old City,
Specially at night
With the Chinese lights - hong deng,
Hanging down along with the willowy branches
Of the trees,
Softly glowing , mysteriously , swaying ...
With the cool breeze.
The gentle flowing of the brook
Softly added to the music of the night ..
Were I a Fairy,
Would have granted John's desire
To be there with a girlfriend!
He could feel the the romance in the air,
The music of the night..
But he could not be romantic, alone :))
Poor John , huh ,
or is it
Poor Jenis and I ? [heheh]
As for me,the Legend of Shangrila pulled me
To look towards Shangrila City.
Legend ang chu lo ni hauh lo mai,
Mahse legend hi chu a ni kher ngai hran lo,
Chuvanga Legend tih lawm le.
Min hipna a ngai reng,hip rei tawh bawka :)

A hmun a mawiin,a bul vel ram a van mawi em.

Tlang khawkrawk,hla tak atanga langte,
Lui mawi em em te, pangpar mawi em em te,

Ka en kham thei lo,ka mit a tlai ngei
Ka thlir nileng peih reng mai.

Jo leh Caroline chungah ka van lawm em.
L*lpan mal min sawm a duh a,
Hmanrua atan a lo ruat reng.
Ka thinlungin a chakzawng min petu atan.
Hot Pot ka ei chak em em :)mahse a remchang thei lo.
Jo an naktukah lunch kan ei ho dawnnia a ti.
Min hruai taa,Hot Pot kan ei dawn a ti ta !
Ka van lawm em em, tui ka van ti chiang !
L*lpa hnenah lawmthu ka sawi.
Dil pawh ka la dil hman si lo.

Kan dil hma pawn kan mamawh A hria.

Coffee kan in nasa em em,Indian tea ka van chak em ka ti.

Caroline dinner eiah min sawm.
Dessert atan ka tui tih zawng,
Chocolate fudge cake leh Indian tea ngei min pe!
WOW , a van mak thei ve aw !

Chu mai la ni lo.
Ka duhthlum lova,thlum lo in ti mai thei a ti.
Keipawh,ka duhthlum lo.
Thingpui thlum lutuk ka enjoy thei lo.
Kan in chhina,ka duh ang thlap !

L*lpa hian every last detail thleng hian
A tifel thin.
Ka theihzia hi en teh min ti ni tlatin ka hria.
Caro ka hrilh,He loves you so much, a ti.
So true,He loves us all so much.

An Lodge nuam em em maiah min thlentir,
Ka van enjoy chiang.
Cement in ding thet thut,cold rel rul a ni lo.
Thing in ngei,ka lo dream ve thin ang,
Thlen man an duh lo !
L*lpan malsawmnain vur let rawh se.

An project a pui,lian tham em em,
An ngaihsan awm e.
L*lpan thuamin,vengin,hlawhtlinna pe rawh se.

Bai Xue Tai kan va ennaah
Lunch ei zawhah allergy ka nei thut,
Ka van hlau chiang,ka la hre ngai si lo.
Ka taksa a bawl thut,thak vak mai.
Mahse L*lpan a nasat lutuk a phal lo.
Min veng tlat.

Chaw ei apianga huat nei lova
Tui ti taka ka ei thinte
A lo hlutzia min hmuhtir,
Lawmthu sawina tur a tam ngei e.
Lunghlu ka dawng reng mai a ni.

Lijianga eitur ka lo sawi theihnghilh,kan ei ngam,in thei dawn em ni?







Lijianga cycling kha van nuam chiang.
Ka thiam lutuk loh vangin ka dawih mai pawh a.

Stone Forest a van mawi em!
Mi thenkhatin a ho an ti,eng vak a ni lo an ti.
Mahse kal hma atangin mawi ka tiin
Ka ngaihlu dawn tih ka hre tlat.
Mihring siam chawp ni lo,natural thil hi
Ka ngaihsan ber thil an ni.
Ka rin ang ngeiin ka mit a tlai,ka kham lo.
Awmrei ka duh tehlul nen,last bus a kal tep si.
Chinese ho in an lo dah chawp engemaw lai pawh a awm ang

Mahse khang lung mak,khawkrawk,rapthla pui puite kha
An siam a ni lo.
Siamtu L*lpa a ni.
Kan P*thian thilsiam hian min hip thin.

Mawi,dangdai,mak,rapthlak deuh rohte hian
An hnung lama anmahni Siamtu P*thian hi
Ka hmuh vang a lo ni.

2006 a Jiuzhaigou kan kal paw'n,
Busin tlang chhipah min daha,kan hawi thla chu
Dil mawi em em,paw ruih mai,
Tlang leh tlang inkara lo awm ruih mai ka hmu chu..
It just took my breath away .
Kan tawng ngeiin sawi thiam ka va chak ve
' Ka thaw ka hip let ' a mi ? heheh, a ho angreng .
Mawi ka ti lutuka,ka thinlunga ka sawi chu:
"Awi,L*lpa,a mawi lutuk !
Hetiang mawi lutuk siamtu hi ka P*thian i ni si.
I va han ropui em,I va han thiam em.
ka van vannei em " tih hi a ni.

Stone Forest pawh hi ka en kham thei lo.
Hmun sang deuh atangin kan en,a va han mawi em aw.

Minorities Village hmuhnawm /interesting zia chu.
A bul vel mawi bawk si.
Kalna apiang a nuam em em,
Ka van enjoy em.
Chawlh loh lai chuan theihtawkin ka ti ve.
Ka tih a tam lo,
Chhuan tur a awm lo.
Mahse L*lpan rinawma min duhnaah
Amah vang tho in ka rinawm thin.
Kan enjoy hi a phal chiang.
Hrehawma rethei ringawt turin min ko lo,
Amah ,a thilsiam mawi em em tea enjoy tur kan ni.
Ka van lawm em.
A thuawih,thu zawm, A va ngaihlu em!

China minorities ho nen kan va inang ve aw..
An tlangvalte nen pawh thla kan la,
Kan headhunting hunlai
An an deuh roh duh hmel ka ti,
An Paa tlats..heheh.
Wa minority ho lam a dangdai chiang.
An drummer a paa chiang,
Thla ka lakpui hman lo,
Pity.. :)
Minority ho hi ka connect tlat nih chu.

Miao minority thung chu
Biak In an lo nei,
Mak ka ti hle,ka rilru a khawih.
An duh chuan an minority puite
Hnenah Chanchin Tha an hrilh thei.
Phalna an nei ! Ropui ka ti .

An Biak Inah kan lut.
Hmeichhe pakhatin piano lo tum.
Silent Night !
Ka va zaipui, a hun leh hun lo
Pawh ngai chuang lo
An sak thiam a nih chuan ,ho ee..
Qiyangah pawh khan zan kan walk-in
Silent Night tho an saa,
Ka sakpui ve mai.
Sap hla an thiam lar a ni tlat hetah.
Very cute..

Lanzhou haw a hun,thlawh hun a tlai ngei.
Hma deuh a awm si lo.Kan in ka thlen hun
Zing dar 1 vel a ni tlat.
L*Lpa min ven loh chuan ka ti,
Hmuaktu ka nei don silo.

Mahse min vengtu chu L*lpa a ni.
ka thutpui pa a va fel si em.
Chhiar tur min pe,light min on sak,
Luh ,chhuah dawnin a tho a,min kian zel.
Ei tur min laksak,a bawm ruak a la leh bawk :)
A mak ee !!

Tunge engkim control le ?

Lanzhou airportah ka bag lo chhuah tlai ka hlau,
Bus chan loh ka hlau,a tlai tawh si.
Ka tt, ka bag chu a hmasa berah a lo chhuak !
Ka lo hmu lo, a lo kir leh tan tawh,ka um vak:)

Kan tawngtai chhanna hi kan miss fo em le ?

Lanzhou a bus thlen tawp na atangin
Taxiin darkar chanve kal a la ngai leh.
Zing dar 1 in ka thleng.
Ka bag,kg 20 kan awmna chhawng 7 naah ka keng
Zo dawn lo,ka thiante phone turin
Ka phone-ah pawisa awm si lo.

Driver chuan kan thlenin ka bag chu a khai nghal a,
Khawnge lift a tia,kan nei lo ka ti.
Chhawng engzahnaah nge i awm a ti leh a,ka hrilh.
Min ena,car ka va khar tha nge tia,a va ti mawlh mawlha,
A lo kir a,a khai nghal.
Kan in kawngkhar bulah min dah.
A mak chiang, Ka nui ringawt.

Engkimin an awih thin, hla in a lo ti.
Ka P*thian, L*lpa,he rama min tirtu
Siam an ni.

" I am He who will sustain you,
I have made you and I will carry you;
I will sustain you and I will rescue you "

A lo ti reng alawm,L*lpa ka lawm e.

An polite lo ka ti a,ka ngei fo.
Mahse an va polite in,min va tanpui nasa ta si ve le.

L*lpan a control alawm.An chunga thuneitu a ni alawm.


[ La zawm zel ang ]